Videshi Manik and Mallika’s Desi Affair

A basketball player in school, an unbeatable athlete and an exemplary student, Manik had moved to Canada after his school to pursue his undergrad degree. Mallika, on the other hand, was already a Canadian citizen of a wealthy merchandising merchant in Ontario.

Sometimes, God has his own plan. He decides our fate in ways that it can take us to places and this was a match that Heaven had decided to happen in Canada.

Both Manik and Mallika got enrolled in Winnipeg University for Chartered Accountancy. While Manik was too adept and proficient in his calculations and his subject, Mallika struggled a bit with the subject. She would sit in the library for hours after college trying to get a hang of the basic principles of accountancy and that is where every piece of the puzzle fell into the right place. Manik would sit in the library every day to read more about theoretical accounting.

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Though for a few weeks these two only passed a smile at each other and never spoke, Manik would constantly look at Mallika and felt his heart racing every time she met his glance. A crush that wasn’t meant to be crushed, Manik knew that he would have to do something to win over her without losing a chance. He went out to a local pub near their University to celebrate a batch mate’s birthday. Mallika also happened to be on the guest list. They met and spoke for the first time. The ice was finally broken. It was a night where everyone could sense some sparks between the two.

Manik got a bit tipsy and flaunted his bhangra moves to impress Mallika and she couldn’t stop herself from laughing. The two danced together on Toronto by Rishi J and Kunwar Singh. They could relate to the song by being away from their country and close to Toronto. While the two of them got drunk and danced until wee hours of the morning, Manik felt a very close attraction towards Mallika and asked her out for a coffee date to which she said yes.

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A couple of days later, one date led to another and before they knew, the two of them were crazily in love with each other. They would go to college together, help each other with college assignments and part-time jobs and spent nearly sixteen hours a day together. Time passed and they realized that they were inseparable.

Four years down the line Manik was assured that Mallika is the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He bent the knee and without much ado, Mallika said yes. The kiss sealed a promise and the two of them decided to get married. Mallika’s family met Manik and found him to be the best suitor for their daughter. Manik’s family also gave their consent for they found Mallika extremely affectionate and warm.

Both Manik and Mallika’s family decided to throw their kids a big fat Indian wedding in Toronto where Mallika’s grandparents stayed. The wedding was supposed to have all the customs and traditions of a Sikh family. The parents wanted every ceremony to be elaborate to emphasise on its significance so that their Canadian friends know how rich the Indian culture is.

The families got on the task for the preparations and hired an eminent wedding planner in Canada. While the preparations were going on, Mallika and Manik sat down to reminisce the night where Manik had asked her out. They went down the memory lane thinking of the song that they had danced on. It was a special night and wished relive it when suddenly Mallika jumped with the exciting idea of inviting Rishi J and Kunwar Singh for a live performance at their reception.

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At first, Manik thought she was crazy but then he realised how special their wedding is going to be and he wanted to make it too special for his bride and he agreed to do the same. The couple got in touch with Rishi and Kunwar to see if their dates matched with their wedding date. As luck would have it, both Rishi and Kunwar were available on the following dates. The couple blocked their dates and also assured them of a brilliant stay and travel.

Four months later both Rishi Jolly and Kunwar Singh boarded a flight for Toronto. Ironic right??? But they were as thrilled and excited as the couple. Rishi and Kunwar touched down Toronto and went straight to their hotel. Their performance was supposed to happen late in the evening at the Reception Hall. They were given a very warm welcome by the couple and Mallika was smiling from ear to ear looking at them. She had heard really good words from their friends back in India about their performance and how they indulge the crowd with their charismatic performance. She couldn’t wait to see them perform.

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Finally, the big moment had arrived. The party started at its usual pace with guests coming and munching on appetisers. There came a point where the party got really dull and that’s when Rishi and Kunwar entered the stage in their jazzy outfits and thick silver chains and shimmery black glares. They introduced themselves to the crowd and congratulated the couple with their best wishes and promised the audience with the best two hours of their night and then they hit the jam.

Kunwar and Rishi had their playlist ready and all they had to do was belt out these Punjabi and Bollywood songs and create pandemonium in the house. The guests asked for mirth and they left no stone unturned in drenching them with the same. For two hours they sang the songs of friendship, love and compelled the guests to tap their feet and go bonkers on the dance floor. They were extremely paly with the guests and took songs on demand and even sang and performed on them. Songs by Sharry Mann and Diljeet Dosanjh and Mika were the songs they sang and made sure that every person in the house shook a leg on the dance floor.

While the whiskey flowed endlessly, both Rishi and Kunwar added fuel to the fire by letting their spirits soar and awakening their party animal by singing “Rum RumRumRumRum oh Whisky” and “Patiala Peg”. Not a single soul in the banquet was seen sitting on their seat and it was an amazing experience for both Mallika and Manik’s Canadian friends. Rishi and Kunwar made sure to give them a taste of what Indian weddings are all about.

The night was full of dance, music, melodies, selfies and above all memories that would last with both the bride and the groom for all their life. This was by far the happiest and the most memorable day for the couple and they thanked Rishi j and Kunwar Singh for having travelled all the way for their big day. The family members, relatives and friends had a ball and gave the entire credit to their performance where Rishi and Kunwar danced and sang and added oomph to the aura of the event. Without them, it would be just another boring party but having them was the best decision that Manik and Mallika had made.

The party came to an end with the final song that was absolutely mandatory. Rishi and Kunwar welcomed the couple on the stage one last time and made them gulp on three tequila shots and congratulated them for their happily ever after. They sang ‘Toronto’ and made Mallika cry with happiness and joy and the couple danced looking into each other’s eyes.

After the party, Rishi and Kunwar said goodbyes to the family and the bride and groom with a hope to see them again one day. They were extremely warm in their candour yet professional which was really appreciated by both the family members of the bride and groom and also the wedding planners. There were no tantrums by the artists in terms of the stage set up or sound testing or even for food. The performance ended on a good note with promises to meet again sometime in the future.

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