One Last Fling Before the Ring – A Bachelorette Party to Remember

Shanaya met her prince charming in Zomato. Her fiancé, Rahul and her were in the same team. They worked on several projects together and shared a great friendship. They would hang out after the work hours and spend their weekends with Netflix and Chill. Fate had its own plan. They were destined to be together. Their friendship soon took a turn and they realised that they were inseparable and in love.

On Valentine’s Day, Rahul took Shanaya out for a very romantic dinner and confessed his love for her. She blushed and said that she felt the same way too. Their love blossomed and with the blessings of their parents, they soon got engaged.


Rahul is a coy lad and a man of few words whereas Shanaya is an extrovert girl with an extremely candid demeanour. She is chirpy and very warm. Though poles aprart, love unites them and keeps them on the same page. Both Rahul and Shanaya decided that they would plan their wedding in a way where the ceremonies reflect their style and personality.

The Frontier Events

Two weeks later, the Frontier Events came into the picture to plan their Sangeet and their Wedding ceremony with décor. We told them about the other services we do and Shanaya jumped with excitement at the mention of Bachelorette Party.

Shanaya is a typical south Delhi girl with oomph in her personality. She did not want a bridal shower but a happening bachelorette party with all the nasty elements to add chutzpah to her excitement. We prepared her guest list and got on task the next day itself.

The theme for her bachelorette was the casino theme so we kept the colour scheme as black and red with huge placards of the queen of spades and hearts and king of diamonds and clubs. The props that we used as seating arrangement was dice stools and roulette tables with poker chips as glass coasters. The lighting was dark and maroon and the whole theme revolved around the casino and the gathering was strictly all girls.

The entertainment was the main highlight. We had Russian stout boys who served vodka and tequila shots from one table to the other. We also had Russian cops with handcuffs who would play shenanigans with the girls and lock them in the iron cage and dance with them.

Shanaya thoroughly enjoyed her evening. She was dressed in a black playsuit with a lacy corset that was designed by Haute Couture. The jewellery was designed by Amayra and her high stilletoes from Steve Madden. Her makeup was bold and smouldering with red rouge on her cheeks and contoured chiseled nose dark with red lips and smokey eyes by Farida Khan. She spilt sass with every step she took and stole the show with her cheeky dance moves. The night was young and all Shanaya’s to celebrate.

The Frontier Events

Her friends and maid of honour popped one champagne after the other and gambled until wee hours of the morning. After having indulged in mirth the girls were dropped off to their residence in the morning keeping everyone’s safety in mind.

Shanaya’s bachelorette party was a huge success. The Frontier Events left no stone unturned in making this night the most memorable one for Shanaya. She was as happy as a lark with her eyes gleaming with a bedazzling spark. We alleviated all her wedding woes and elevated her spirits with sheer excitement to walk down the aisle.

The Frontier Events is the best option to plan your bachelor’s and bachelorette party in Delhi. We have a galore of options to offer in terms of theme and décor. If you wish to have one crazy night before stepping into the wedlock, we are just a click away.


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