My Melodramatic and a Miraculous Wedding

A girl has a thousand dreams for her Big Day. She starts planning her wedding ever since she steps into adolescence. Sooner than that in fact. In my case, I would play games like “GharGhar’ with my siblings and would always deck up like the newlywed bride. I would dress up in my mother’s sarees, don on jewellery and wear my mother’s makeup and dress my neighbour’s kid as the groom.

Dressing up was my favourite indulgence. More than that, I enjoyed being the bride. I remember how my father would hold me and say, Satakshi would make a gorgeous bride and will leave her father too soon to marry her man someday. I would always blush at that mention and would have dreams about how my wedding would be.

I had a diary in which I would write about every detail that I wanted on my wedding day. From the colour of my outfit to the kind of shoes and jewellery, that diary would have created a saga. I started writing in it ever since I was in standard 6th and continued to write in it three months before my wedding. I had mentioned in it how I wanted to walk down the aisle in Jimmy Choo on my feet and wear a lehenga by Sabyasachi, all my dreams were penned down beautifully in that diary.

I am Satakshi, the bride in context who is writing both a blog and a testimonial for The Frontier Events – The Best Wedding Company in Delhi and sharing my story of a wedding that was full of melodrama and a miracle too to have happened and had Kunwar Singh not been there, there would have been no wedding at all.

Here’s a quick backstory before I come to the dramatic climax. Remember the neighbour I mentioned a couple of lines above who would enact the groom in my childhood? Well as fate had it, he turned out to be my actual groom too. Sameer and I grew up as kids. We were neighbours, studied together, we even went to the same college. He was my best friend and we have always been inseparable. We have dated different people over the last ten years but never managed to click with anyone. No one understood our insanity and craziness like we understood each other. As college life came to an end and life began to be tough and harsh, Sameer was always my sigh of relief. He was the breeze that would put me to sleep and we did realise that he was the yin to my yang.

Two years ago on our trip to Masai Mara for my birthday, we took this Hot Air Balloon to see the great migration from the bird-eye view. As we celebrated watching the lion hunt for its prey, there was this adrenaline rush in me. My eyes twinkled and I was entranced. That day I cut my cake at a height of 200 feet from the ground. As I blew the candles. Sameer kissed me and instead of bending the knee, he held me really close and asked me to marry him.

Tears of happiness streamed down my face and I knew that no one could have proposed to me as crazily as Sameer did. I took less than a nanosecond to think and said ‘Yes’. Everything was as smooth as butter. Our parents were way more ecstatic than us and every soul that we knew wished the best for us. Sameer knew how excited I was for my wedding and he left no stone unturned in giving me the wedding I always wanted to have. He knew how my D Day was probably the biggest day of my life. He would agree to whatever I would ask for and fulfil every wish of mine as his command.

Since it was my wedding, I wanted no wedding planners to plan my Big Day because I wanted everything to be done by Sameer and me so that we could enjoy every bit of it. From venue selection to caterers, international artist and décor, even the apparel, jewellery and shoes and let me tell you, everything was perfect and on track. We booked a huge farmhouse in Ghaziabad and everything was just perfect until Modi ji started the wreckless sealing.

Three weeks before the wedding, we got a call from the venue owner that their farmhouse had been sealed and they would like to return our money. It took me five minutes to gather myself and assimilate what he had just said. The décor was also their part and they were helpless. I was in a state of shock and knew exactly what wedding woes are like at that moment. I had sleepless nights and I cried as if my entire world had fallen on my head with a thousand shards of glass scattered on the floor. I decided to call off the wedding since we were only three weeks away and that too in the peak season of weddings. All the good venues were sold out and the ones available were charging a bomb. That’s when I gave up and went into a zone that was dark and sad. I had stopped eating and talking. I would stay in my room and would bury my face in the pillow and just cry.

Two days later, Sameer came into my room with a friend and told me about The Frontier Events. I didn’t have much faith in them but for Sameer, I agreed to give it a shot. We called Kunwar Singh and asked him to meet us at a restaurant. We met Kunwar the next day and I went half-heartedly since negativity had settled in every part of me. Kunwar came and didn’t talk work. He first put me at peace by talking about how things got messy and why the bride to be had dark circles.

I broke down while telling him of the trauma that kept me awake from my beauty sleep and how agonized I was. He heard us and told us to meet us again the next day. The next day when he met us, he had a list of five excellent venues within our budget and his décor team with design templates ready. He also offered us a photographer for a pre-wedding shoot. This woman – Bhagyashree aka Bugzy, walked in with a hat on her head and glares on her eyes and she wore shorts and shoes. She looked cute but different. She heard our story too and showed us her work. We realized she was very picky of her clients and chose a project only if her clients appealed to her.

We saw her work on Instagram and had a jaw drop. She was beyond amazing and I wanted her to choose us desperately. The way she captured moments is still inexplicable but all I can say is, Bugzy creates magic. Kunwar helped us finalise CountryInn as our wedding venue in Ghaziabad which was huge, spacious and his team decided on peach and off white décor. I finally came out of the claustrophobic zone and slept like a baby that night – peacefully and relaxed.

Three days later, Bugzy called us and told us to give her my diary so that she can get into the feels of the pre-wedding shoot. She seemed more excited and enthusiastic than me. She read my gibberish and planned a phenomenal pre-wedding shoot for us. We took some clicks in our winter uniform at our school and some at our college. We also took some clicks at the places we would go to as kids while bunking the school and wherever Sameer and my childhood was spent. The results were splendid. The after movie of the wedding was liked by everyone and the photo album was beyond brilliant.

The Big Day finally arrived and everything was picture perfect. Kunwar had added so many personal touches in the wedding that I had missed telling him. He had read my diary too. To start with, the venue looked like a dreamland. The off white lilies and roses made the banquet look like some fairyland. The table set up was grand and the entire place looked like some picturesque painting from a royal wedding.

As I walked down the aisle in my Jimmy Choos and Sabyasachi Lehenga, the DJ gave me tears of happiness by playing the song I always wanted to walk on. Sameer would sing this song for me when we were kids and it meant the world to me. The speakers blared with “Girl you’re my angel, you’re my darling angel, closer than my peeps you are to me….” by Shaggy. I was as happy as a lark as I took every step towards Sameer waiting for me on the stage.

I felt so stupid for not having come to the Frontier Events before but then better late than never. The Frontier Events team is indeed the best in Delhi. They assured that I had everything in my green room while I was getting ready and I was hydrated and fed well before I entered the banquet. The team was always on their toes if I needed anything and helped me with my exceptionally heavy attire and was very patient with my bathroom breaks. Let me tell you, there were many bathroom breaks.

I don’t know how The Frontier Events managed everything at such a short time but I am thankful for their existence and excellence. They customize your package as per your budget and are very professional in their attitude. I am glad my match was made in heaven and beautifully executed by The Frontier Events – The Best Wedding Planners in Delhi.

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