A Royal Sikh-Marwari Wedding at Neemrana planned, designed and executed by The Frontier Events

Marwaris are known for their extremely rich culture, traditions and graceful manners. Marwari families symbolise elegance. Where Marwari men are known for honour and valour, the women are the epitome of grace and treasure house of beauty.

Sikh, on the other hand, are all about extravaganza and known for their generosity. Their energy level is unmatched and their unabashed Punjabiness and raw attitude towards life are infectious. Bigger the better is what their mantra to living a happy life is. However, their devotion and family values set an example for everyone.

This story is about a Marwari beauty – Vandana and a Gabru Punjabi munda – Gurmeet. Jab they met, everything around them spun in circles while they stood entranced and affixed motionless. The couple met each other for the first time in Vancouver in a bar. Vandana was pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Relation while Gurmeet was practising as a Chartered Accountant.

Vandana and Gurmeet were set on a blind date by their mutual friends. They met and sparks were ignited. They met at a bar near Vandana’s university over a few cocktails and indulged in a conversation that lasted until wee hours of the morning. Both of them lost track of the time. Numbers were exchanged. Then as fate had it, WhatsApp texts turned to phone calls and frequent dinner dates turned into weekend getaways.

Two years later, this relationship bore the sweetest fruit when Gurmeet bent his knee and she said – “Yes”. The couple was in love and since their stars were aligned, their families needed little convincing to give their consent.

Vandana’s brother, Vandit browsed through the internet all night to give his only sister the wedding that she would remember all her life. He found the Frontier Events as one of the best wedding planning companies in Delhi and invited us over a cup of coffee. The meeting was concluded on a note that the wedding was to be planned, designed and executed by the Frontier Events with splendour, grandeur and unmatched panache.

Four months of arduous hard work and running around with sleepless night and morning hustle proved its worth when Vandana and Gurmeet stepped into the happy world of the Holy Matrimony.

We booked the Neemrana Fort as their wedding venue and the Gourmet Kitchen as their caterers with in-house décor. The entire fort was decorated with flowers and lit up as the bride herself. The clear starlit skies and the verdant green mountains around made every guest romance the landscape. The weather was favourable too. The celebrations lasted three days with Sangeet on the first night, Mehendi and Cocktail on the other and Haldi and Wedding on the final day.

The wedding was an enchanting episode. The couple tied the knot in an Anand Karaj and at night threw a ball of an event. The makeup was done by Guru and the wedding apparel for both the bride and the groom was designed by Kanika’s Couture. While the Anand Karaj was simple and elegant, the evening reception was a mammoth celebration. The Frontier Events lined up their best artist for entertainment and it was an evening where everyone was soaring with elevated spirits. The Russian Symphony Band comprised 12 Russian girls on 12 musical instruments who stole the show and left the audience captivated with their performance. We also had a live singer whose tuneful tales of love moved some of the folks to tears.

The three-day long saga involved a team of coordinators, planners and entertainment russian artists. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief after the celebrations came to an end and our efforts were not just appreciated but also blessed with showers of generous praises.

The Frontier Events leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making the biggest day of your life a living dream. Things you should know before you associate with us is that we will go to any lengths of the world to make it a perfect day for you but we need your unfathomable trust and faith in us. We reciprocate your trust in us with undeterred determination and give you the value for every dime that you invest in us. Planning your wedding? The Frontier Events is just a click away.

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